Saturday, August 27, 2011

20k Prep

Most people have nightmares about their organic chemistry final or a big presentation.  Abnormal people like me have nightmares to this day about journal check in high school English.  This is probably because it was the easiest "A" you could get, yet I could never manage to write a paragraph every day.

Anyways, on to the USA 20k Championships!  I returned to my hometown in Virginia where everybody knows your name to visit family and friends and to get in some sea level training two weeks before the 20k.

My arrival to the east coast has apparently triggered natural disasters.  Upon the first day of my arrival, we had a 5.9 earthquake come through our town and up the coast.  Currently, Hurricane Irene is making her presence known along the east coast.

GOES satellite image of Irene. 
So far, training has not been impacted by the changing weather patterns.  Coach Greg McMillan has had his athletes doing time trial efforts before races to keep us in touch with what race effort will feel like. This past Thursday I had an 8-mile Time Trial.  My Mom hopped on her bike and we hit the appropriately named "7.5 loop" (plus an add-on).  It was nice to have company, as she helped to keep me from falling asleep at the wheel.

The course was rolling hills on pavement with about 2.5 miles on gravel roads.  Final time was 44:55 for 8+ miles.

Start of the 8 mile time trial.

End of 8 mile time trial.
Living right next to the George Washington National Forest has its perks, although these trails are more rugged than the trails in Flagstaff.

So many options just over the hill, including heading towards Shawl Gap.  All of these signs are literally in one location at the top of the hill.

Elizabeth Furnace is very popular for
tourists and locals alike.
SR 619 is part of the time trial course.
I've lost count how many times I've
trekked down 619 over the years.
Massanutten is well-know in these parts,
including the MMT 100 Mile Run.

Play time on the boat at Lake Anna before the storms came.

Gidget, Super Bee's sister, going for a swim with her frisbee.
Lake Anna.

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