Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Moab's Red Hot 55k

Not only was this my Red Hot 55k debut, but it was also my first race representing the adidas adiUltra Team and Injinji.  

Going into Red Hot, I wasn't really sure what the end result would be.  I did know that realistically I wanted to aim for the win, ideally break the course record.  The reason I wasn't sure if this was feasible, was that I haven't been doing a lot of training.  Sure, I've been going out for runs, but mileage was iffy and workouts were almost non-existent.  On top of that, I'm still working through some nagging hip issues.  

It turns out, I was able to pull off both of my goals.  I came away with a win (8th overall) and a new course record of 4:24.02.  I can pick apart the race, but at the end of they day, I'm pleased with the end result.  

It was a record setting day in the men's race as well.  Robbie Krar of Flagstaff, Az handedly took the win and shattered the course record by 14 minutes.  

Heading into the race, I was nervous about making a wrong turn on the course.  I'd heard some stories about the slick rock, but Race Director Chris Martinez did a wonderful job of marking the course.  

A snowy, uphill first mile.  Luckily this was the snowiest
section of the race.  Photo by Jo Agnew.

The first half of the course was quite fast.  After leaving the halfway aid station, my spirits were high.  This would quickly changed once we merged onto the 33k course, where we were quickly faced with the infamous slick rock of Moab.  This would prove to be the hardest section for me.  

Some beautiful scenery in the background.  Of course, I
loved turning the wheels on these road sections.
Photo by Jo Agnew.

After a hectic weekend of activities, the solitude of the race was a welcome site.  The only task at hand was pushing yourself to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Ah, the slick rock....
Photo by Kristin Wilson.

Well after mile 21, I was able to catch up to adiUltra team member Brian Tinder.  Contrasting my last statement, late in the race it was welcome company to run with a familiar face for several miles.

Fighting illnesses and tight race schedules, a rare occasion occurred where the entire adiUltra Team convened in Moab.  

A great backdrop for a team photo.  Believe it or not, I'm
tucked in behind those guys.
Photo by Brianna Torres.

adiUltra Team Results:


Brian Tinder - 9th, 4:25:42
Ian Torrence - 4:43:57
Paulette Zillmer - 6:09:19


Trent Briney - 3rd, 2:16:30
Josh Brimhall - 5th, 2:17:16
James Bonnett - 6th, 2:17:57 

Post-race interview.  Photo by Ian Torrence.

With Alicia Shay, women's winner of the Red Hot 33k.
Photo by Erin Strout.

Because I like this pic...the weekend before, adiUltra Team Members (myself, James Bonnett, and Ian Torrence)
at the Pemberton 50k aid station.  I thought Fountain Hills was supposed to be warm?!
Photo by Ian Torrence.

Now it's back to the roads before rolling into Western States training.  More than likely not the conventional preparation for WS, but I don't always play by the rules....


Tinder said...

Great job! Next time I wont let you go so easily! Look forward to the next race

dogs rule said...

Way to "rock" Nemy Nu!
Sure is different than MMT rock.

Kelly Agnew said...

It was fun watching you tear it up at JFK and again in Moab. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Another great race. Looking forward to your next one.

Injinji said...

Way to go Emily! We're so proud to have you representing Team Injinji.